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Where everyday thoughts meet the latest book reviews, DIYs, and savvy budget tips.
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If you’re into all things DIY, budgets, and books, you’ve come to the right place. I’m passionate about helping folks save in multiple ways, and I’ve got some awesome tips to share. Plus, my love for reading means I’m always connecting with like-minded individuals. Ready to dive in and join the fun? Let’s make saving and sharing a blast!

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Hey there! I’m a tech-savvy gal who’s all about reading and writing. I’m here to share nuggets of wisdom with you, whether it’s from books or handy tips. My aim? Spreading knowledge in all its forms and bonding with fellow enthusiasts through our shared passions. So, stick around—I promise it’ll be worth it!


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Hey there, I’m Auriel, a Michigan-based blogger dishing out all the good stuff on budgets, DIY projects, and books. Whether you’re looking to save some cash, get crafty, or dive into a good read, I’ve got you covered. Stick around for some budget-friendly tips, creative inspiration, and bookish delights!

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