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Before I let Go By Kennedy Ryan

When you hear of reasons a relationship fails, communication is in the top three of this discussion! My interest in this book was piqued by the multiple social media videos raving about it. Although there were mixed reviews, I couldn’t help but be intrigued and read it for myself. Once I started reading, I finished the book in 1 night. No exaggeration! I couldn’t sleep until I got to the end.


From the beginning, the mysteriousness surrounding this failed relationship had me hooked. The character build-up, the emotions, and the chemistry were the golden ticket to continue. What happens when tragedy strikes within your relationship and you don’t know how to navigate?  Yasmen and Josiah had to find out horribly.  While navigating their new reality as business partners and co-parents, you could still feel the desire and love they had for one another.

Before I let go did a great job of highlighting the importance of mental health. How often do we face something tragic and proceed as if nothing happened? Both parties handled the tragedy in different forms. Kennedy Ryan did a great job at focusing on different methods of coping and normalizing therapy. Often people see therapy as a moment of weakness when in reality it shows great strength.

We witness the beautiful rebuild of two people who deeply loved each other but didn’t know how to properly communicate what they needed in their greatest time of need. The imagery created within the words and the pain felt by the characters was done in a way that left me in awe. Every emotion that Kennedy Ryan meant for us to feel was displayed. These two are the definition of soul mates. Persevering through different adversities and obstacles, while still deeply feeling emotions of a lot of unsaid feelings and thoughts. It was magical to read.

Overall, this book was successful in keeping your interest while showcasing how beneficial focusing on mental health and communication can be. The only drawback I would say, personally, is it took a long time for the cause of their breakup to appear in the book. The mystery around it was prolonged until deep into the book, but I can see the point of keeping you intrigued and hooked.

If you’re looking for a chemistry-induced page-turner, this is it!

I give this book an 8.5/10. Amazing read!


Before I Let Go showcased Yasmen’s and Josiah’s business relationship as restaurant owners post-divorce. Many of their menu items and inspiration for tasting menus were highlighted throughout the book. Kennedy Ryan was so gracious to place a few of the recipes in the back of the book including sweet potato pie pancakes.  My mouth is watering at the thought. Worth a purchase!!


Kennedy Ryan is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Her mission is to empower and write for all women. You can catch more titles from her through her website or follow her on Instagram @KennedyRyan1

2 thoughts on “Before I let Go By Kennedy Ryan”

  1. Well written! This is a fair and realistic review of the book. Lots of great take aways and this review summed it up very well, while also giving the right amount of detail. If I hadn’t read the book already, this review would have me sold!!

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