2018: It’s A Hard Knock Life

2018 was a year of firsts for me

It was filled with many ups and down

What started as a rough year, turned out to be such a blessing

At the beginning of each year, I enter it by going to church

It is at this moment that I receive the forecast for how my year will be

This never failed me so far

For the first few weeks, the messages were consistent

The Bishop spoke to the congregation with the same reoccurring message

He said, “You will hit rock bottom before it gets better. Right before it does, you will run out of resources”

Week after week I would pray to God to make it clear and ask for understanding

I needed to make sure I was hearing him correctly so that I can prepare for what was to come

Sure enough, the message was correct

That February, I was evicted out of an apartment with a newborn baby in tow (not at fault, but that’s another story *rolls eyes*)

No job or income coming in

Breastfeeding and finishing up my Master’s program at the same time

STRESSED was an understatement

In the midst of this, I still have a car note and insurance to maintain.

Let’s bring it back to the message received in the church

He specifically said I would have to hit rock bottom and run out of resources before things get better

Getting kicked out was not rock bottom

Around that time, taxes came

I was able to make that tax money stretch until July

I slept at my dads and sisters house in between

It wasn’t until the end of July/August where I had completely hit the bottom

Numerous job opportunities passed me by after countless interviews

My spirit was broken

The only thing I had to look forward to was my daughter

Weight dropped tremendously, between breastfeeding and stress, I was super small.


When I was finally about to give up, I received a call back from a job

At the time, I didn’t know the magnitude of the job opportunity received

I was just happy to get a call back from someplace

The job turned out to be everything and more

Looking back on everything that took place makes me grateful for the experience

Up until this point, I never knew what it was like to have a hardship this huge

Everything I did was always together and on point, you wouldn’t have been able to tell me this would have happened to me

It was such a humbling experience and molded me into an even better woman today


There are 3 takeaways I received from 2018:

  1. GOD ALWAYs deliver on his promises
  2. We are not in control, it is all in GODs plans and up to us to be obedient and follow his lead
  3. The sun will shine again after a storm

Be blessed!!!