2021 Vision Board: How Steve Harvey Write Your Vision Video Inspired Me

Write Your Vision

Wow! 2020 is officially coming to an end.

Many emotions came over me this year.

The beginning started a little rough.

Found out my mom had colon cancer, adjusting to life as a single mother, and then BOOM the pandemic hit.

While I was grateful for now being at home with my daughter, it became overwhelming.

Going from being able to have adult interactions or getting a mental break while driving to work, had now been taken away.

There was no alone time, mental breaks, just 24/7 shut-in with an energetic toddler. ALL WHILE still serving the public, praying the customers don’t hear.

Whew, the stress! Lol


At the top of the year, I came across a segment on the Steve Harvey Show. He spoke about how he wrote down in detail what he desired from God.

To expand states how successful people around him have done the same.

The exercise he gave was to write down 300 wants and needs in detail.

He recommended reading the list 5 minutes each night and crossing off what you accomplished once a year came to pass.

The key is to read it with the faith and expectation that God will be there for you.

Write Your Vision | Motivated – Bing video

I was so inspired by this video. The way he broke it down just clicked for me.

Instead of doing a traditional vision board, I followed in Steve Harvey’s footsteps.

A little modified, my list consisted of 61 items.  I couldn’t think of 300 things like him and realized that I didn’t have to because we are different.

The list consisted of personal things and tasks that I wanted to complete to be a better person and advance in life.

Each day, I would pray over the list and spend more time connecting to God.

The first two months of the pandemic were mainly focused on adjusting to our new normal and making the transition seamless for my daughter and me.

Although I couldn’t make movements to complete the list during this time, I still prayed over I every day.

Once the initial shock was over, it was time to make moves.

Proud to say I completed over half of my list by being consistent, prayerful, and faithful.

Lost 18lbs, launched this blog (my baby), received a business grant to continue building my candle business, and I was able to have more energy for my daughter and spend much-needed time!

Blessings on blessings!


I constantly speak to GOD and ask Him to guide my steps in everything I do.

Before the pandemic, there were things I prayed to be able to do more.

Spend more time with my daughter, have more energy, and be able to focus on launching and revamping my businesses.

This pandemic has allowed me to do that and more.

How can I complain when I have been given everything I need?

Not once during the pandemic, have I had to go without.

Blessed to still be employed and able to work from home when many don’t have the same opportunity.

I was stressed and concerned about how I would afford a childcare bill for the fall.

Now being at home, that is one less bill I have to concern myself with.

The biggest and most challenging blessing thus far has been teaching my 3-year-old daughter.

Within the span of being on lockdown due to covid-19, she has grown and learned a tremendous amount.

Since becoming a mother, time spent with my daughter has been something I have always prayed for.

Although it didn’t come in an expected form, it has been a tremendous blessing.

In no way am I bragging, just highlighting the blessings received from God during such a tough time.


2020 has laid the foundation for 2021 to be successful.

It allowed me to find the proper resources for my businesses to blossom.

To get prepared for the new year, my sister and I will be doing a business vision board.

Our board will be compiled of our business desires and where we would like to be in our ventures by the end of the year.

In addition to this, I will be completing a new vision list and putting it in a special place.

I have never completed an actual vision board before, but doing it with my sister makes it special!

Stay tuned for the final product. Super excited!!

BYE 2020

2020 is ending and I know I can’t be the only one excited! Lol

I am hopeful and prayerful that 2021 will be amazing!

Whatever your experience was for 2020, we made it through.

We survived a pandemic and can enter into another year.

That is much reason to celebrate!!!

See ya in 2021!!


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